April 2007

Radiation can actually end up being a long term threat.

Long Term Threat

Childhood-cancer treatment is one of the success stories of the late 20th century. A child diagnosed with cancer in the 1970s had a 56 percent chance of surviving for 5 years.Today, that likelihood is nearly 80 percent.However, we are beginning to notice that cancer survivors seem more prone to other life-threatening medical problems later. Studies …

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The Light of the Moon

the Chinese philosophy of health, which dates back 2000 years, is based on the view that each individual human is part of a larger creation.Each of us is subject to the same laws that govern all of nature, including the galaxies, stars, planets, animals, trees, oceans, and soil.Today we try to separate ourselves from the influences …

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Putting a McDonalds inside of hospital.

They Just Aren’t Thinking

A recent study conducted by Pennsylvania researchers revealed that 59 of the 200 children’s hospitals surveyed hosted on-site fast-food restaurants (e.g., McDonald’s). Fifty-six percent of the adult survey participants and their children who were outpatients at a hospital with an on-site fast-food restaurant ate fast food the day of the survey. It is common knowledge …

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