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Food and Mood

Food and Mood

Food and mood go hand in hand. What you eat affects your mood — and your mood also affect what you feel like eating. If you’ve ever used ‘donut therapy’ to survive a breakup, you know how emotional distress can drive you toward sweets + fats. What you might not know is that comfort foods like …

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Why Your Gallbladder Symptoms May Persist After Removal

First it is important to understand the function of the gallbladder. The gallbladder is an important organ related to digestive function in the body, working with the liver to ensure proper breakdown and absorption of fats. Its primary role is to concentrate and store bile created in the liver. It then releases bile into the …

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Vitamin D – New Research

About 20 years ago vitamin D came on the scene with studies showing its benefits in preventing and treating specific diseases. More recent research continues to shed light on this important vitamin which in reality is actually a hormone.   Palliative Cancer Care – Not only is vitamin D important in most cancer care it …

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