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Month: October 2016


GABA for Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most common psychiatric disorders that I see in my practice. Often times acupuncture and individualized homeopathic treatment can cure anxiety. For those seeking a temporary respite from their feelings of worry, nervousness, apprehension and generalized unease, GABA is an excellent natural remedy. A typical adult dose is 400-500mg per day. …

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Vaccine Skepticism

Parents who are concerned about vaccinating their infants and toddlers often meet with ridicule and shame from their pediatrician.  They are frequently portrayed in the media as being misinformed.  But usually, the opposite is true as was demonstrated by a new study.   A survey on the views of 66,000 people in 67 countries on …

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Chronic Fatigue and Serotonin

If low serotonin levels cause depression, why doesn’t depression lift within hours of beginning serotonin-elevating SSRI treatment: Why do depression symptoms often initially worsen with SSR treatment. Why do stressed animals with depression symptoms have high serotonin levels? In their fascinating 2015 review article, Paul W Andrews and colleagues propose that high serotonin levels – …

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