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How to End Suffering from Hair Loss

WHAT CAUSES HAIR LOSS? Hair loss is a common disorder affecting more than 80 million Americans. Abnormal hormones are often blamed for hair loss though surprisingly, hormones only account for a small percentage of these distressing symptoms. Hair loss can be caused by stress, severe illness, genetics, nutrient deficiencies, thyroid disorders, chemotherapy, fungal infection, damaging …

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Health Secrets

#1 Revealed Secret of Health From the 12th Century

This entry is part 1 of 10 in the series Health Secrets From The 12th Century

MAIMONIDES’ FIRST HEALTH SECRET REVEALED “If a person cares for himself the way he cares for his horse, there would be no serious illnesses.You do not find anyone who gives his horse too much fodder. He measures out only as much as the horse can tolerate while he himself eats to excess.  He makes sure …

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What is Maca?

HEALTH BENEFITS OF MACA Maca is a powerful herb that has been in use for thousands of years mostly to treat issues associated with women’s health and hormones. However, maca has been studied and proven effective for many different health conditions. It also serves as an adaptogen which aids in the body’s response to stress. …

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