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Month: June 2015

Homeopathic Aluminum Cures School Teacher’s Memory Loss

During the past 100 years, aluminum has found its way into the bodies of human beings for the first time in all the millennia humans have existed on planet earth.   It is the third most prevalent element and the most abundant metal in the earth’s crust.  Aluminum being a neurotoxin interferes with the electrical activity …

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The link between cancer and milk

Milk Connection to Cancer

In 1977 Dr. Frank Oski – at the time Director of the Department of Pediatrics at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and Physician-in-Chief of the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center- published a small book titled, “Don’t Drink Your Milk.”  Researchers at that time reported that men who ingested more than 2 ½ servings of dairy …

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What stress does to your life.

Stress Can Seriously Affect Your Emotions

Young kids are known to say what is on their minds.  Six weeks into Jennifer’s treatment her daughter blurted out, “mommy, you’re so much nicer.” When she first came in she was an emotional and physical wreck.   In her words, “I just don’t care anymore.  I’m very sad, depressed, negative, moody, grumpy and having trouble …

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Drugs can be double the trouble.

Drug’s Harm – Double Trouble

Drug harms fall into two broad categories; those that affect you, and those that affect others.  The personal ones include death, health problems (including mental health), accidents, addiction, relationship breakdown and legal trouble.  Harms to other people include violence, financial problems, crime, and disruption of the family unit. Risk becomes more serious with repeated use.  …

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Raw, Cooked, Steamed or Microwaved ? Fresh or Frozen?

Broccoli  is one of the most effective cancer-preventing vegetables there is, both because of its levels of Indole 3 carbinol and sulforaphane.   Several studies have been performed to determine what is the best way to eat this amazing vegetable without destroying these nutrients yet making them available for our bodies to digest. What scientists have …

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